Filament yarn

Bellana supplies a wide range of filament yarns. The fields of application of these yarns is as diverse as the range itself. High levels of lightfastness, colour accuracy or abrasion…

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Spun yarn

The Bellana product range includes all classic ring-spun, worsted yarns, semi-worsted yarns and open-end yarns. We supply single-ply or twisted yarns made from 100% polyacrylic (wet or dry spun) and…

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Raw yarn

Do you need raw yarns for your production purposes? We supply raw yarns made from synthetic materials and blended yarns with natural fibres. As spun yarn from acrylic and acrylic…

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Coloured yarns

Our range of yarns is as colourful as the world itself. You decide on the colour tone and we supply your filament or spun yarn in the precise colour of…

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Your success starts with your choice of yarn. Bellana stands for the highest levels of customer satisfaction and best customer value since 1983. We develop and supply filament yarns from Dtex 50 – 1,200, spun yarns, yarns for technical fabrics and textiles, automotive textiles, home textiles and clothing.

Always reliable, always right! Our flexible team supports you with specialists in automotive, home, clothing, sportswear or technical applications. We support you throughout the entire value chain with exceptional quality yarns and flexible services.

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