Filament yarn

Bellana supplies a wide range of filament yarns. The fields of application of these yarns is as diverse as the range itself. High levels of lightfastness, colour accuracy or abrasion resistance are required in the automotive industry.

Safety-relevant features such as compliance with the most important fire safety regulations are prerequisites for technical applications. Whereas, kindness to skin or resistance to staining are special requirements for home or clothing textile manufacture. We can fulfil all of these criteria with our wide range of products.

In the filament sector, this includes, among others, flat yarns (FDY), textured yarns (DTY), taslanized yarns (ATY), intermingled yarns (HIM, SIM, LIM), and non-intermingled yarns (NIM). We supply very fine (50 DTEX) to very coarse (1200 DTEX) yarns.

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