Spun yarn

The Bellana product range includes all classic ring-spun, worsted yarns, semi-worsted yarns and open-end yarns. We supply single-ply or twisted yarns made from 100% polyacrylic (wet or dry spun) and blends with natural fibres such as cotton or wool.

Depending on your needs, all qualities come in raw white and dyed for weaving, knitting or dyeing. We work with a few leading yarn manufacturers in your product segments who are characterised by their quality awareness, love of development and complete delivery reliability. This allows us to offer you the highest level of quality and short delivery times – and all at a fair price. Give us a try!

Bellana Wolhandel b.v.
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7121 JC Aalten, Niederlande

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Fax: +31 543 477 048
E-Mail: info@bellana.nl